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Mrs. Nasrin Kazemi


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Group History
The Soil Science Laboratory, which was founded at the beginning of the Agricultural College at the University, entered the new period of educational and research activities in 1988 with the formation of a faculty of agriculture and the recruitment of faculty members. In 2006, with the grant of undergraduate student enrollment, the Department of Soil Science Engineering officially established and, in September 2007, recruited students, with the admission of a student in the field of soil science and engineering, In addition, in 2011, with the opening of the master's degree in four major trends (soil formation, soil physics and conservation, soil chemistry and soil fertility, and soil biology), the first group of undergraduate students This group is currently undergoing master's degree in two areas of soil resource management (with academic orientations: physics and h) Soil Fertility and Soil Biotechnology Management (with educational trends: chemistry and soil fertility, and biology and soil biotechnology), students are admitted to the faculty members of all fields of science Soil is teaching and researching and setting up a Ph.D. course on the agenda of the mid-term programs of this group. The group, with members of the faculty of education and research, experts and graduate students, has a potent potential for conducting research and projects. At provincial, national and international levels.

Goal Group

Because the soil is a non-renewable natural resource, improper exploitation of it leads to the destruction and reduction of production in the agricultural sector. Therefore, the main purpose of the establishment and development of the Department of Soil Science and Engineering is to cultivate soil science graduates at different levels in order to become familiar with issues such as soil recognition and its quality, as well as how to manage the soil as a source of production. In this way soil protection from a variety of injuries (eg erosion, pollution and salinisation and sodomy) can be applied to future generations. In general, soil science is one of the fundamental sciences in agro-environmental engineering that studies the quality, physical, chemical, biological and micro-morphological properties of soil.


Soil Science and Engineering
Soil resource management (with educational trends: physics and soil conservation, and soil resources and land valuation)
Field of fertility management and soil biotechnology (with educational trends: chemistry and soil fertility, and biology and soil biotechnology)