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The Natural Resources Department has been established at the Faculty of Agriculture of Razi University since 2008. This group started its activities with the launch of Natural Resources, Rangeland and Watershed Management in 2008 and the Natural Resources and Forestry Engineering in 2010 at undergraduate level. Of course, these courses have been at the Qasr-e-Shirin Department of Education during the years 1383 to 1387. In the year 1392, the Natural Resources Department obtained a license to set up a MSc in Forestry and from September 2014, students were enrolled in this field. Currently, the Natural Resources Group has two undergraduate degree in Natural Resources Engineering (Rangeland - Water Management) and Forestry Science and Engineering (Forestry) and a Master of Science in Forestry Science and Engineering with a forest management orientation. According to Importance of natural and environmental resources in the country and region The group seeks to create a potential for responding to problems and building a capable force in a regional approach. The faculty members of this group are active in the fields of ecology and management of forests and pastures, and the management of water resources and watershed management and erosion and sediment, which are among the most important issues in the region.
Natural resources engineering
Pasture and Watershed Management
Natural Resources Engineering-Forestry
Natural Resources Engineering-Forestry