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The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics (Agricultural Machinery Mechanics), was founded in 2005 with a faculty member and a Ph.D. student scholarship at the Agricultural College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Razi University. In 2010, he also succeeded in setting up an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering in agricultural machinery. Currently, she holds 2 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and an educational specialist in undergraduate and postgraduate studies..

After reviewing in the fields of agricultural engineering - Agricultural machinery mechanics & nbsp; In 1392, the Supreme Council for Planning of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (under No. 245235/21, dated 28/12/1391, Office of Planning for Higher Education), was approved that the bio-mechanical engineering course in three trends in the design of agricultural machinery, energy Renewable, post-harvest technology replaces the string.

Students of the above courses will receive the following abilities in terms of their discipline and orientation:

Biomedical Mechanical Engineering  The trend of agricultural machinery design

              As an expert specializing in the design of agricultural machinery in factories and factories for the production and construction of tractors, agricultural machinery and implements

   As an expert in agricultural machinery for managing, repairing and maintaining equipment in cultivation and other agricultural centers

   As an instructor in agricultural high schools and assisting in agricultural research and agricultural engineering in research units

Biomedical Mechanical Engineering  Renewable energy trends

                   As a specialist in the design and development of renewable energy systems

   As an expert on renewable energy education and research

  As a specialist in the design of renewable energy systems

Bio System Mechanical Engineering - Post-harvest technology trends

    As an expert specializing in the design of equipment and machinery for food processing and processing of agricultural products

   As responsible for technical lines and factories­Food processing and processing of agricultural products

   As an expert specialist for planning assistance, machine design, production lines and systems for food development and processing of agricultural products


Degrees : B.Sc. and M.Sc.

Bachelor orientation:

Tendency name: Agricultural machinery design

The first year of admission: 1384

number of students :....

Masters tendencies:

Tendency name:  Design and construction

The first year of admission: 1392

number of students :...

Tendency name:  Post-harvest technology

The first year of admission: 1394

               number of students :....