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The Razi Agricultural Promotion and Education Group was founded in 1994 in the agricultural group and started its activities with the admission of 32 students in the field of agricultural engineering (daily) and undergraduate agricultural engineering (daily).Then in 1995, with the admission of 34 students, the promotion group attempted to attract students in the course of the night course. In 1997, the promotion group moved to the current location (fourth floor of the office building). The Promotion Group established a Master's degree in rural development engineering in 1997 and for the first time in the country, attracting 4 students through postgraduate education. The Agricultural Promotion and Education Group in 2007, for the first time in the master's degree in agricultural extension and education, attracted 9 students (6 per day and 3 per night), and in 2010, four PhD students were enrolled in the field of developmentFarming. The Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension was approved in the academic year 91, and for the first time, 5 students were accepted at this stage. The Promotion Group currently has 8 faculty members (4 Associate Professors and 4 Assistants), and the Promotion Group has 3 teaching staff.
Visits to service centers, promotion of management and popular participation in agriculture Jihad, visits to audiovisual units of the IRIB, selection of production units of the integrated and extensive agricultural and rural complex, and comprehensive examination of the unit, submission of reports on the activities of non-governmental organizations , Implementation of various projects in order to enhance students' skills, identify villages in the context of the geographical and morphological conditions of the village, the structure of power in the village and the drawing of a pyramid of power there, identification of local leaders and their characteristics, the status of villages in terms of demographics, The village and its facilities and civilian needs Village, the role of Islamic Council of the Village among the people, the relation of Islamic Salinity members with the people of the village, the relationship of the Islamic Council with the institutions outside the village, the nature of the Qajar, and its function and position among the rural population, the identification of the rural land regimes, the backgroundFormation and cooperation among villagers and determining the types of active and passive associations and associations in the village, studying the production systems in the village and determining the dominant system and its characteristics, agricultural methods and determining the type of dominant and popular products in the village,Problems in the village in relation to agriculture (water status, soil condition, graphic solid state, crop patterns, income status The knowledge of farmers, the level of their knowledge and skills, and the educational needs of farmers), the recognition of other non-agricultural activities of rural people, the status of rural women (income, social status, type of activities, both social and productive), the situation of the youth of the village and the type of activities And how they are employed in the village and their views on immigration or presence in the village, visiting the promotional programs implemented in the region, and a documentary report on its implementation program, familiarizing students with the way of providing slides, photos, trans-partiss How to make educational video footage, familiarize them with educational equipments and equipment Collecting information from adults, training needs and providing curricula for the same group, visiting vocational schools, centers and high schools and agricultural colleges to review agricultural education programs, familiarizing with a variety of scientific resources, editing articles and preparing articles Technical and promotional programs for agricultural schools or programs of work and knowledge, educational and promotional classes, as well as encouraging and encouraging students to carry out practical activities and including these activities as practical work, along with theoretical courses in the form of textbooks And ... doing scientific visits and attending college students in classes Promotion of service centers is one of the activities that the Promotion Group is conducting to raise the level of scientific knowledge and practical skills of group students
Degrees :
Undergraduate: Promotion and education of agriculture
Masters: Rural Development, Agricultural Promotion and Training
Ph.D.: Agricultural Development, Agricultural Promotion